We have actively promoted power generation projects utilizing renewable energy in order to create a new lifestyle that will fit in the age to come, i.e., “lifestyle that uses clean energy that can reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.”

We gained experiences mainly in developing large-scale solar power generation facilities, and also started the operation of wind and biomass power generation facilities.

In addition, we started the production and sale of Energy Storage System (ESS) “Blue Power Battery” and will offer better solutions including storage of electricity.

Blue Group’s integrated system for assessment, development, O&M, etc.

Making use of the abundant experience and achievements in the development business, we will select the ideal land that is suitable for power plants.

We will act as an agent and smoothly deal with procedures regarding all kinds of permits and licenses, such as equipment authorization from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and grid connection consent from the electric power companies using our own methods.

Blue Power Construction Co., Ltd., which is one of our group companies, performs work with “safe and secure” as its motto under the company’s consistent operation systems.

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Solar Power Generation Business

Solar power generation is a power generation method utilizing the photoelectric effect, which is the generation of electricity when light hits a semiconductor.

A solar module is constituted by two kinds of semiconductors:n-type and p-type ones. When it is exposed to sunshine, negative electrons accumulate in the n-type semiconductor while positive electrons accumulate in the p-type semiconductor. This induces the ow of electrons and generates electric power.
Power is generated without producing carbon dioxide or the like.

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Energy Storage System (ESS)

Since the capacity of Blue Power Battery is as large as 2.2 MW, it can be utilized broadly at small-scale to large-scale power plants, including solar power, wind power, and biomass power stations, and it is possible to establish an electricity storage system that can meet any kind of demand.

This will stabilize the supply of electric power generated by renewable energy, whose output varies according to weather, and contribute to the improvement in the supply-demand balance.

Biomass Power Generation Business

Biomass power generation is a method of generating power by utilizing resources derived from living organisms, such as ligneous resources.

The fuel derived from living organisms is produced based on carbon neutrality, which means that the volume of CO2 absorbed by plants during their growth is equal to the volume of CO2 emitted during combustion, so it will not affect the net balance of CO2 in atmosphere.

Stable supply system of biomass fuel

Our biomass fuel uses PKS.
The shell part of the palm fruit is used as PKS (Palm Kernel Shell).

Our group is able to provide total support from stable supply of biomass fuel to power generation.

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Our initiatives for stable procurement of PKS (Palm Kernel Shell) fuel material

Blue Capital Management Co., Ltd. will promote the agreement on the survey for sustainably procuring PKS fuel and the clarification of distribution channels possessing a traceability function, in order to establish a structure in which we can ensure stable procurement of PKS and acquire Round Table for Sustainable Biomass (RSB) by March 31, 2022.
We will release initiatives related the above on our website as necessary.

Blue Capital Management Co., Ltd.
Code of Conduct

Blue Capital Management Co., Ltd. implements the following measures to observe applicable laws at all of the stages for logging, lumber collection, fuel processing, and distribution as a supplier of biomass fuel produced from the wood obtained through legal logging.

1) To identify the laws, etc. applicable to our supply chain

2) To check the state of compliance with the identified laws

3) To establish necessary management systems, and reform them when necessary

4) To promote the transactions for legal lumber in our supply chain

5) To follow the guidelines of ministries and agencies related to legal lumber and “Regarding the evaluation of imported lumber” of the Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association

Blue Capital Management Co., Ltd. follows relevant laws at all of the stages for logging, production, transportation, and sale of lumber and wooden products, strives to supply lumber that meets social needs while considering the balance among the environment, society, and economies, and contributes to the development of the sound lumber market in Japan.

Blue Capital Management Co., Ltd. recognizes that it is necessary to conduct forest management and lumber production while ensuring a good balance among the environment, society, and economies not only inside Japan, but also around the world. Then, we handle lumber while expecting the sound development of the lumber industry around the globe.

May 10, 2023
Hideo Harada
Chairman and CEO
Blue Capital Management Co., Ltd.

Wind Power Generation Business

Wind power generation is a method of rotating a wind mill with wind power and converting the rotational energy into electric power.

Wind power generators automatically adjust the angle and direction of each blade according to the force and direction of the wind and generate power effciently.
When the wind hits the blades, the rotor rotates and energy propagates to the nacelle.
In the nacelle, the speed-up gear increases rotational speed further. The energy of the enhanced rotation is transmitted to the generator, to generate power.
Unlike solar power generation, it can generate power even during nighttime, as long as the wind blows.

Manufacturer Solid Wind Power
Generation capacity 19.80kW
Rotor diameter 14m
Hub height 18m

The Blue Group also started projects on small wind power generation, which can operate during both daytime and nighttime, and has been receiving attention for its high profitability with the enactment of the feed-in-tariff system in 2012.

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