Our company has been producing plans to cast new light over land and properties that change over time and raise their value of use to their maximum potential. With a wealth of experience and achievements as a base for our unique marketing, we create an optimal plan and provide support for both hard and soft elements.

We will keep contributing to vigorous and prosperous regional development, while flexibly adapting to the new age.

Our Development Business

Produce the best plan based on our unique marketing

With a wealth of experience and achievements as a base for our unique marketing, we conduct broad intelligence gathering, research, planning and analysis of the real estate market and land.

Based on the results, we produce the best plan that would maximize the added-value of that location, and offer optimum solutions to clients.

Extensive track record that shows our strength in redevelopment and revitalization

In order to bring out the maximum potential of an outdated dormant property, we reconsider the concept of that property from its roots.

In order to increase value and improve operation rate as well as maximize profit, we do not only suggest refurbishing the exterior and the facilities but we also propose the effective and optimal tenant-leasing and tenant mix as ways to reconstruct the hard and soft elements to achieve the most effective form of use.

Flexibly respond to all kinds of needs

We flexibly meet all kinds of needs based on our ability of gathering detailed intelligence by making full use of professional knowledge and know-how powered by a wealth of experience and achievements.

  • Real estate development
  • Real estate renovation
  • Real estate liquidation
  • M&A
  • Facility management
  • Tie-up
  • Planning・sales
  • Real estate rental
  • Real estate transaction mediation