We have actively promoted power generation projects utilizing renewable energy in order to create a new lifestyle that will fit in the age to come, i.e., “lifestyle that uses clean energy that can reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.”

We gained experiences mainly in developing large-scale solar power generation facilities, and also started the operation of wind and hydroelectric power generation facilities. As of October 2018, we estimate an annual output of over 1 billion kWh.

In addition, we started the production and sale of Energy Storage System (ESS) “Blue Power Battery” and will offer better solutions including storage of electricity.

*The figures include facilities under construction.

Large Scale Solar Power Generation

Assessment → certification → development → construction → O&M.

All steps are undertaken by enterprises of the Blue Group under its consistent operation system.

  • We select “land” that is most suited for solar power generation through a unique marketing based on the company’s rich experience and achievements in the Development Business.
  • We carry out formalities such as getting certification of facilities by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), approval for system interconnection from electric power companies and other types of authorization, smoothly using our unique channels.
  • Construction work is not undertaken by subcontractors or other companies but the group enterprise “Blue Power Construction Co., Ltd.” that specializes in construction of power plants performs work with “safe and secure” as its motto under the company’s consistent operation system.
  • “Blue Power Energy Co., Ltd.” provides assistance in the operation and maintenance (O&M) after installation of the plant, and also in installation of electricity storage systems.

Generation Facility List

Energy Storage System(ESS)

“Blue Power Energy Co., Ltd.” produces and sells the Energy Storage System (ESS) named “Blue Power Battery.”

While the amount of energy produced by solar and wind power generation is affected by weather conditions, the Energy Storage System (ESS) can offset or balance such an unstable power output and ensure a stable supply of energy. Therefore, its importance has been on rise with the spread of power generation methods using renewable energy.

“Blue Power Battery” has a battery capacity of 2.2MW and can be used widely, from households to large-scale power stations. The number of cases where it has been used is rapidly increasing.

Small wind power generation

The Blue Group also started projects on small wind power generation, which can operate during both daytime and nighttime, and has been receiving attention for its high profitability with the enactment of the feed-in-tariff system in 2012.

At present, we are engaged in 23 facilities in Japan including 4 facilities that have been certified by METI.

Generation Facility List

Hydroelectric power generation

Hydroelectric power generation is the cleanest power generation method as it utilizes Japan’s rich water resources effectively and does not emit greenhouse gas or oxide that causes air pollution. It has been gaining popularity for it can be operated efficiently as its electric-generating capacity can be easily controlled by changing water current or the amount of water.

We are also preparing for its development and operation.