Our Message

Blue Capital Management works to realize the development and harmonious coexistence with the natural environment,
communities and regions through projects in every field.

We have our head office in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo and a branch in Osaka. Outside Japan, we have established affiliated companies in Singapore, South Korea and Hawaii, and operate business with the whole world in view. In response to values changing over time, we have produced some good results in the development and investment businesses by reviewing land and regions which became dormant with a new concept, and revitalizing them as bustling regions.

Moreover, the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 made us deeply realize the importance of energy and sustainable lifestyle, and led us to start our new initiative called “Renewable Energy Business.” Although we faced a lot of challenges in the course of launching this new business, it has grown to such a scale that we are able to generate electricity of approximately 400 million kWh a year by the Blue Group’ s power generation facilities, thus achieving annual CO2 reduction of about 240,000 tons (*), and the Renewable Energy Business has become a core business of the company. In 2018, we started producing and selling Energy Storage System (ESS) in order to ensure a stable supply of electric power by being unaffected of the weather. Additionally, we contribute to the achievement of Japan’ s Energy Mix policy by also applying the ESS to small wind and biomass power generators that can be operated efficiently.

Further, in the same year, we decided to launch a “Wellness Business.” By utilizing our expertise in regional revitalization projects that we have acquired in the Development Business, we will offer refreshing, good-quality, fulfilling time and experience based on the cross-functional cooperation among the business sections in the leisure and health fields, including “resort facility operation,” “sports promotion,” “health,” and “food culture promotion.”

Firstly, we will renew and open five ski slopes and a golf course as world-class all-season mountain resorts. We will conduct business administration by utilizing the strengths of group companies, for example, using renewable energy for gondolas, lifts, snow cannons, and hydroponic culture for vegetables, etc. to be served at hotels and restaurants.

We will offer a variety of solutions for new lifestyles in coming ages, that is, living as a member seeking to create a sustainable society while using clean, environmentally friendly energy and caring for our own physical and mental health.

Hands-on approach.
We will offer only what we have confirmed with our own eyes.

We will not follow conventional business methods, but powerfully offer a new value by walking together with all the members of the Blue Group, confirming with our own eyes and keeping ideas flexible for the realization of a society filled with joy and smile of children of next generation.

*As of 10,2019. Includes power plants under construction. Excludes small wind power plants.

Chairman and CEO

Hideo Harada

Company Overview

Company Name Blue Capital Management Co., Ltd.
Head Office Location 2-16-8, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, #107-0052 Japan.
Branch Office Location 1-7-21, Shimanouchi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, #542-0082 Japan.
Chairman and CEO Hideo Harada
Establishment June 28, 2005
Capital 205,000,000 yen
Total Number of Issued Shares 8,000 Shares
Main Banks

The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.

Japan Post Bank Co., Ltd.

Shinhan Bank Japan

Lines of Business Renewable Energy, Real estate investment and regeneration projects, Investment management business
Licenses, etc. Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business, the Governor of Tokyo No.(2) 95576

Blue Group Overseas Corporation

Korea BCM Korea LTD.
America/Hawaii BCM U.S.A. CO. LTD.



  • Chairman & CEO / Board of directors
      • Corporate Counselor
      • Adviser
      • Senior Managing Director / Executive Director
        • Administration Manager
        • Secretary's Office
        • Administration Department
          • Investment Divison
        • Finance Department
          • General Affairs Department
            • Accounting Divison
            • Public Relations Divison
        • Development Department
        • Renewable Energy Department (EPC · O&M)
        • Real Estate Management Department
        • Material Management Department
        • Resort Development Department
        • Golf Department
        • Sales Department
        • Restaurant Business Department
          • Akasaka Harada
        • Agricultural Development Department
          • Blue Farm
        • Planning & Design Department
          • Osaka Branch
            • General Affairs Department
              • Accounting Division


Head Offce Location

  • Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Akasaka Station 5A and 5B on foot from the exit 5 minutes

Branch Office Location

  • Nagahori Tsurumi Green Forest Line Nagahori Station 1 and 3 on foot from the exit 5 minutes
    2 minutes walk from Exit 1 and 4 of Matsuya-machi