Blue Group Achievements

In 2018, the Blue Group decided to launch a “Wellness Business.” By utilizing the experience of regional revitalization projects in the Development Business, we will offer refreshing, good-quality, fulfilling time and experience based on the cross-functional cooperation among the business sections in the leisure and health fields, including “resort facility operation,” “sports promotion,” “health,” and “food culture promotion.”

Firstly, we will renew and open five ski slopes and a golf course as world-class all-season mountain resorts. We will conduct business administration by utilizing the strengths of group companies, for example, using renewable energy for gondolas, lifts, snow cannons, and hydroponic culture for vegetables, etc. to be served at hotels and restaurants.

We will offer a variety of solutions for new lifestyles in coming ages, that is, living as a member of sustainable society while using clean, environmentally friendly energy and caring for our own physical and mental health.